Hilton MVP & TEAMUSA 15%-20% Discount Codes缩略图

The Hilton MVP code will give you a discount of 20% while Team USA will give you 15% off.

Hilton MVP – 20% discount – just login with your Hilton Honors account here: http://stay.hilton.com/mvp/

The corporate discount code will automatically be there so just search for the city and dates you need.

TeamUSA – get a 15% discount here: http://teamusa.hhonors.com/

Here is a rate example for DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel New York City - Times Square

The regular price is $399/night.


Accenture 010850857
Akzo Noble 402371223
Blackstone N9880578
FedEx N0001231
FedEx 422795100
FedEx D058070459
FFEIE D600198360
General Electric 0072799100
Gold Medal 2635167
HP 009122532
IBM 0901452
IBM 001368083
Sixt D343260360


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