Budget car rental corporate codes list:

Budget - Great Budget Pricing, Upgrade, $15 off Week, free weekend day

Budget - Under 25 Budget

Canada Discount with Budget - $44CDN per day – Full Size

Budget - BCD X201400 - 25% off Worldwide

Budget - BCD U030094 – May be the best Budget Number

Budget - T255400 - Harvard University

All Rental Codes and Free Hertz Gold – UCLA

Budget - 1X Upgrade, Free Weekend Day, $15 Off Week Rental

Budget - Cheap Rentals in Alaska

Budget - Free Fast Break, $15 Off, Free Weekend Day, Good BCD - Expires 12.31.07

Budget - 25% Off 250 Miles AA

Budget Truck Rental - 10% Off One Way and Local Rentals

Budget - BCD Number T356877 – Ctiy of Seattle – OK to rent at 18 – No drop off charges in Washington.

Budget BCD U030093 weekly intermediate SUV $179 before taxes
standard SUV $199 before taxes - YMMV

Budget Federal Gov BCD + Free One Car Upgrade

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