Hotel Corp Code

IHG: 000243132 IBM(*) 000106372 HP(*) 000102806 General Electric(*) 000104256 Siemens(*) 000101672 3M 100862437 Ace Hardware 150711 AT&T (*) 000150711 AT&T 109568 Bank Of America Corp 000251321 Bayer 954410926 Cisco 128813 Coca-Cola 262552 ConocoPhillips 954284898 Dell 000109207 Federal Express 109207 FedEx 000103772 Ford Company 100016221 Fujitsu 100199528 Google 100371240 Honda 105406 Kraft 900000588 Lafarge 100211707 Lenovo […]

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Some of Hilton corporate discount code list

Since this is a semi-private forum and probably not searchable via I thought I'd dump a bunch of the codes I found here in case others might make use of them. The obvious caveats: - You are probably not entitled to use any of these. If this causes you emotional problems, then don't use […]

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Hilton The Team Member Travel Program

About the Team Member Program The Team Member and Hilton Family Travel Program is a way Hilton has come up with to reward their employees by offering them and their family members discounted room rates at their chain of hotels. The program is open to all regular full-time and part-time employees of Hilton Worldwide and […]

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Hilton MVP & TEAMUSA 15%-20% Discount Codes缩略图

Hilton MVP & TEAMUSA 15%-20% Discount Codes

The Hilton MVP code will give you a discount of 20% while Team USA will give you 15% off. Hilton MVP – 20% discount – just login with your Hilton Honors account here: The corporate discount code will automatically be there so just search for the city and dates you need. TeamUSA – get […]

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Hilton “Gold Medal” 15% Off Discount Code For Worldwide Use缩略图

Hilton “Gold Medal” 15% Off Discount Code For Worldwide Use

Hilton have 15% off “Gold Medal” discount rate codes for all participating Hilton family of hotels worldwide.The “Gold Medal” rate is targeted to members and friends & family of the Team USA and seems to have the same cancellation policy as the hotel’s Easy Cancellation rate that is usually day of arrival. For all Hilton […]

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Hilton 32% To 43% Off Discount Code PR13CB缩略图

Hilton 32% To 43% Off Discount Code PR13CB

Hilton has a great discount code “PR13CB”, it offer discounts Best Flexible Rate by 32% to 43% at participating properties outside of North America. It works best in Europe, Middle East & Asia. There is no page on for this promotional offer. You need to use the PR13CB code on the Promotional/Offer Code field […]

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Hilton Hotels Corporate Codes

9122532 HP 0901452 USA only IBM 001368083 International IBM 10850857 Accenture D600198360 FFEIE 001344746 Ford 315000125 Bosch 355019365 Volvo 112976674 Hella 156333 Accenture(Hilton) 560051450 Accenture (Doubletree) 41943 Intel 43773 Microsoft 0001398 GE 0072799100 General Electric 402371223 Akzo Nobel 323009803 Siemens D058070459 All Hilton Family Hotels outside the U.S. N0001231 FedEx (includes U.S. Hilton Hotels, all […]

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Get Hilton gold card directly by using visa infinite credit card缩略图

Get Hilton gold card directly by using visa infinite credit card

The promotion of getting Hilton Gold status making use of asia –pacific visa infinite credit card is alive again. The rules are basically the same, but the application is changed through website. The web address is: The promotions have been tested. No matter if the names and the card numbers are matched or the […]

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